Here's something completely different!

This Environmentally conscious Specialty is absolutely unique for all the following reasons :

  •  Totally conservation oriented. There are NO shark dissections and no sharks are harmed in any way.

  • The Shark Awareness Diver Course is a Distinctive Specialty Course entirely devised, constructed and written by Peter of 2nd Breath Scuba.

  • It is structured to accommodate both divers and non-divers.

  • You get to dive with sharks, if a diver.

  • It has been specially designed around the shark species encountered on the South African south-east coast.

  •  It is fully PADI approved, having successfully undergone PADI’s legendary stringent Quality Assurance vetting process.

  • Upon successful completion of the Course, PADI will award divers full Specialty Certification and will issue a Specialty Personal Identification Card (PIC).

  • Non-diver graduates are awarded a PADI Certificate of Participation.

  • Certification as a Shark Awareness Diver counts as one of the five PADI Specialty ratings required to become a Master Scuba Diver.

  • This Shark Awareness Diver Course is exclusive to 2nd Breath Scuba and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Course goals.

The objectives of the course are:

  • To develop your knowledge of, and familiarity with, sharks in general and, in particular, those species which may be encountered locally.

  • To replace the myths and misconceptions about sharks as devil fish with an objective and science-based view of sharks in crisis.

  • To develop your knowledge of how to interact responsibly and with minimum risk with sharks, with emphasis on how to identify species as well as individual sharks within the same species.

  • To equip and encourage you to become a shark conservation ambassador.

Course structure.

Two academic classroom sessions - both divers and non-divers participate.

Two sea dives - only certified divers.

The sharks.

The following Shark species are covered in the Course:

  • Spotted Ragged Tooth (Grey Nurse) Shark.

  • Tiger Shark.

  • Zambezi (Bull) Shark.

  • Scalloped, Great and Smooth Hammerhead Sharks.

  • Great White Shark.

  • Short-finned Mako Shark.

  • Copper Shark.

  • Blacktip Shark.

  • Spinner (Long-nosed Blacktip) Shark.

  • Smalltooth, Thintail and Bigeye Thresher Sharks.

  • African Angel Shark.

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It is a fact that most divers will never even see a shark during all their diving careers. This is a chance to encounter and interact with any number of sharks: it is quite normal to see more than 25 individuals on every dive!